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Suzanne has been painting all her life as creativity has always been a very natural expression of who she is. Coming first at school in art began to highlight a grace she had. Over the years, Suzanne loved painting portraits of her family, gifting them as heirlooms, she then extended her focus towards the enlivening coastal environment where she lives. As a side hustle after becoming a mum, Suzanne began to teach art to friends, and could see she had an ability to unlock potential, as some became very prolific. Suzanne has also been on various Art Adventures, mentored by well known Artists Ambrose Reisch, Peter Griffen, Paul Macklin and Denise Lithgow. Suzanne also worked for Neale Joseph in his gallery for a period of 5 years. In 2015 Suzanne went to Europe and had the privilege of painting in Monet’s garden. In 2018  Suzanne was offered the opportunity to embark on a Fine Art Degree, which has now evolved into a double degree, Fine Art & Visual Art, which she is now completing. 

Suzanne is a 5Lands artist in her local region, has held 4 exhibits and regularly sells her art. She also has a Diploma in Art Therapy and intends to create an app in the future to help people unlock the potential of their own creativity. 

Capturing special moments has always been an inspirational factor in her art, where she loves to ‘capture the spirit’ of a moment, feeling or experience. Suzanne works primarily in acrylic, but has also used many forms of media, her recent works are mixed media. Art has also provided a valuable expression and way of mental and emotional release in challenging times. Suzanne believes that creativity is connected to spirituality.

Motivated by her faith, Suzanne loves to evoke a sense of life into her work, that others might receive that same sense of life that she personally has experienced. 

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